Case Results

Landmark Sexual Harassment Case

In 1999, I took the sexual harassment case of NME Hospitals Inc. v. Rennels to the Supreme Court of Texas. The court ruled that you don’t have to be the employee of the employer who commits the discriminatory conduct. The court allowed non-employers to be sued for discrimination. The ruling strikes a note for fundamental fairness. How can we allow a company do to the employees of another employer what they couldn’t do to their own employees?

Largest Actual Damages Verdict In El Paso County

I was a member of the trial team receiving the largest actual damages verdict in El Paso County history: $124 million for a passenger van accident in which two people were killed and several people injured. I asked the jury to consider the value of a life in a society where an actress or athlete is paid $20 million for a single movie or season of sports. The case was recognized by Lawyers USA as one of the Top 10 jury verdicts list of 2010.

$7.2 Million Verdict For Slander And Libel

I obtained a $7.2 million verdict for my client, Greg Heitzman, owner of Advertising Consultants, Inc. A representative of Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages sent libelous materials to Mr. Heitzman’s clients and lied about his business practices.