Representing Texas Personal Injury Victims

Being injured by the negligence or wrongful act of another person forces you to make difficult decisions. You may not know how the injury will affect you or whether your life will ever be the same. You may also be wondering about your legal options.

I am Dennis L. Richard, a San Antonio trial lawyer with more than 40 years of experience in handling personal injury cases. I have tried more than 150 civil cases to verdict, both as a plaintiff’s attorney and as defense counsel for insurance companies. My experience defending insurance companies gives me inside knowledge of what the other side will do. This helps me overcome those defenses and create the strongest possible case for you.

For the past 32 years, I have exclusively represented individuals and their families. I have obtained many millions of dollars in compensation for my Texas clients.

Skilled San Antonio Personal Injury Counsel

The following are examples of the types of personal injury cases I handle:

  • Car accidents caused by drunk drivers, distracted drivers, speeders and others who injure innocent people
  • Semi truck accidents caused by drivers who recklessly put other people at risk by violating safety rules
  • Fatal accidents caused by another person’s negligence
  • Injuries caused by dangerous or defective products (known as products liability)
  • Workplace injuries in cases when the employer does not subscribe to workers’ compensation
  • Slip-and-fall accidents caused by unsafe property conditions
  • Cases where your reputation has been harmed by defamatory statements constituting libel or slander

You don’t need money to hire a qualified attorney. I handle all personal injury cases on a contingent-fee basis. This means I recover my fees from the settlement or verdict at the end of your case. There are no upfront fees and no fees at all unless I am successful in recovering compensation for you.

Free Consultation With An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a personal injury, put your trust in an advocate who can help you get what you deserve. Call my office today for a free consultation at 915-241-6550 or fill out my contact form here.