Study shows automatic emergency braking prevents crashes

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Rear-end collisions are a common type of accident among motorists in Texas. Nationwide, they represent roughly one-third of all motor vehicle crashes. Automakers have addressed this problem in recent years with the development of automatic emergency braking systems. A new study completed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety confirmed how effective these emergency systems are at preventing rear-end accidents.

IIHS researchers compared 10 models of General Motors vehicles released in 2013 through 2015. Automatic emergency braking systems were optional during those years, which gave researchers the opportunity to examine any crash differences between vehicles with or without automatic emergency brakes. Models without automatic systems only sound a warning when drivers approach an object from behind so that they can take action. Models with the emergency technology automatically apply the brakes if drivers fail to do so.

The study reported that vehicles with the automatic emergency braking systems experienced 43 percent fewer rear-end collisions overall compared to those that only alerted drivers to dangers. In regard to accidents that caused injuries, researchers calculated that automatic brakes reduced crashes by 64 percent. All automakers plan to make this crash prevention technology standard on most models by 2022.

Although advances in safety technology have produced significant reductions in crashes and injuries, individual drivers still bear responsibility for avoiding accidents. A person hurt by a reckless driver could pursue compensation for medical care and lost income with a personal injury claim. An attorney could help a crash victim manage this process and negotiate with the applicable insurance company. If necessary, legal counsel could take a lawsuit to trial.

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