How to document the extent of damages in an accident

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As anyone in Texas who’s been in an accident will attest, the initial shock of the experience can be so startling that people can sometimes be unaware of the extent of the damage that has happened. However, people who go through accidents need to determine how bad the damage is: For one thing, it is important for their own personal safety as what might present itself as a minor backache right after the accident might morph into a full-blown back problem less than a week later. Additionally, being aware of what was damaged as well as the event that led up to it can be vital for insurance companies, making sure that claims go through quickly.

With that said, people who have been in motor vehicle accidents know that this is all easier said than done, yet, by following a few steps, assessing just how bad things are should be a much more straightforward process. First of all, as hard as it may seem, it’s important to remain calm so as to be better able to see things more clearly and provide assistance to those in need. Keeping that in mind, before they can direct their attention towards the damages, people need to attend to the immediate emergencies first.

Once 911 has been called, and everybody who might have been in danger has been out of harm’s way, people should start taking pictures of the crash site as it is. They should also write down everything they can about the accident, including how it happened, how bad the damages were, who the witnesses were and how to contact them, and how the accident happened according to the other people involved in it. It is worth pointing out that when taking other people’s account of the accident, it is important to not argue with them and write down everything exactly as they say it.

Upon the arrival of the police, people should cooperate with them and request an accident report. However, people should never sign anything they are unaware of, regardless of who presents it to them. Additionally, if pressed to sign something they don’t understand, people may want to contact an experienced attorney who can help them with their situation.

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