Sleep deprivation and getting behind the wheel

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2019 | Personal Injury

Most people in Texas would agree that when they are sleep deprived, it has a negative effect on their efficiency, their attitude and their mood. It is common to hear people say that they find it difficult to concentrate or that they feel grumpy when they are tired. What some people do not fully appreciate is how dangerous it can be to operate a vehicle when they are sleep deprived.

In order to bring awareness to this danger, March 15 was designated as World Sleep Day. A popular auto manufacturer wanted to raise awareness of this as well and created a Sleep Suit designed to show the negative effect that being tired can have on a person who gets behind the wheel and the personal injuries they could cause. In fact, when a person stays awake for more than 18 hours and gets behind the wheel, they could be just as dangerous as a drunk driver.

The entire Sleep Suits weighs about 40 pounds. It includes a vest, cap, arm bands and ankle bands along with specialized goggles to simulate how the brain shuts down when a person has not slept for a while and how sleepiness affects the body. The vision of the driver is blocked for half a second, and then the time is increased. This creates the same micro sleeps a person experiences when they are tired behind the wheel.

The victim of a personal injury caused by a negligent or sleep-deprived driver may benefit from speaking with an attorney. The personal injury attorney may help their client assemble a civil claim if necessary and evaluate evidence gathered by law enforcement officials and other reliable sources.

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