Online study relates most common phone distractions for drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Drivers in Texas may want to know about an online study from the market research firm Wakefield Research, which addressed the growing and dangerous trend of distracted driving. Nearly 2,000 U.S. drivers responded to the study.

First, it was clear that most drivers acknowledge the danger. Almost half said that distracted driving is their top concern on the road, and 99% recognized that phones are among the top three distractions. Respondents were also critical of others who drive distracted with 89% saying they would give a bad rating to any Uber or Lyft driver who texted behind the wheel. About 90% called their driving better than that of ride-hailing drivers.

Yet respondents themselves admitted to using their phones while on the road. The average time they spent on their phones, the study found, was 13 minutes a day. Moreover, about two in five drivers claimed that they do not stop using their phones when they see law enforcement around.

Of the respondents, 52% claimed that group chats, including text and email chains with multiple people, were their most frequent source of distraction. Another 33% mentioned social media, including newsfeeds and even memes, while 18% said they were most distracted by the streaming of videos like shows and movie trailers.

While there are various ways to address the trend of distracted driving, such as insurers giving discounts to drivers who avoid phone use, it remains up to individual drivers whether they want to be negligent or not. When negligence leads to a motor vehicle accident, their auto insurance company may find itself facing a personal injury claim. Victims may file a claim if they are deemed 50% or less at fault. They might want a lawyer to help, especially with the gathering of evidence.

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