Texas among worst five states for trucking safety

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Drivers in Texas may be particularly worried about the threat of a truck accident. The size and weight of big rigs mean that any collision involving these vehicles is far more likely to be deadly or devastating for the occupants of smaller passenger cars. One study conducted by a fleet management firm looked for trucking safety issues that most commonly affect truckers. It examined 6,200 trucks between 2015 and 2017, taking note of a range of incidents from fatal collisions to speeding on the roadway and compared the results across states and regions.

Despite the heavy traffic on I-95, the nation’s Northeast Corridor had some of the safest roads. Truckers in Vermont, Virginia and Connecticut were far less likely to speed than those in the Dakotas or Montana, for example. Unfortunately, the study pointed to worrying news for Texas drivers. Texas was the fifth most dangerous state in the country for trucking accidents and dangerous truck driver practices, including excessive speeding. Speed is an even greater concern for large trucks because of the sheer weight of the vehicle; a high-speed crash involving an 18-wheeler can be devastating.

Additional research conducted by another fleet management company looked at the risks to trucking safety across the country. In a survey of truck drivers, some pointed to passenger car drivers’ behavior as a danger, including excessive speeding or cutting off trucks. However, others pointed to ongoing poor safety behaviors by truck drivers, including getting behind the wheel while drowsy. Truck driver fatigue is linked to a number of severe accidents.

Truck accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries and permanent disabilities, and they are often caused by dangerous or negligent driving. People who have been injured in a truck crash caused by someone else may consult with a personal injury lawyer about pursuing compensation for their damages.

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