Knowing what frustrates truck drivers may keep you safe

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Being a safe driver should be everyone’s goal. Of course, you have likely seen your fair share of people speeding, cutting off others, tailgating and carrying out numerous other dangerous actions while on Texas roads. Unfortunately, they are putting themselves and others at risk of serious car accidents.

You may have particular concerns that one day you will experience a crash with a tractor-trailer. Many travelers have this fear because it is not always easy to predict what truck drivers will do or to know whether they see your vehicle. However, you may want to remember that truck drivers are worried about the actions of those in smaller vehicles as well.

Are you at risk of causing an accident?

You certainly do not want to be the cause of any type of motor vehicle accident, but you may not realize that some of the actions you carry out behind the wheel could be frustrating to truck drivers. Some actions you may want to avoid that truckers commonly see include the following:

  • Pulling up on the right side of a truck trying to make a wide right turn can easily cause an accident. Tractor-trailers need more space to make safe and successful turns.
  • Forgetting or simply not using a turn signal is a major driving issue. Truck drivers (and other drivers for that matter) cannot predict where a vehicle is going, and not communicating an action with a turn signal can be dangerous.
  • Cutting off trucks puts everyone in danger because truck drivers cannot stop on a dime.
  • Not keeping a proper following distance behind a truck is also a problem because a rear-end collision can happen more quickly than some people think.
  • Keeping pace in the passing lane with a vehicle in a slower lane can also cause problems as traffic backs up.

If you find yourself cringing at the thought of having done any of these actions while on the road, you may vow to change your ways and pay more attention. Of course, not all truck accidents are caused by the actions of drivers in smaller vehicles. A truck driver could cause an accident that leaves you injured despite your best efforts to drive safely. If this happens, you may have reason to look into your legal options for filing a personal injury claim to seek compensation for allowable damages.

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