Distracted driving is sometimes obvious

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many people think that distracted driving is something that happens accidentally. A cell phone rings or there is a text message alert and the driver reaches for the phone, momentarily taking his or her eyes off the road before an accident happens. While this may be what occurs in some cases, many distracted drivers know exactly what they are doing.

Being aware that they are driving without paying adequate attention to the road is a serious issue. People put themselves and others needlessly at risk. According to My San Antonio, such a conscious distracted driving accident claimed the life of a driver recently near Wiseman Boulevard.

The accident

A parked semi-truck awaited unloading in the right-hand lane of the roadway. The driver had his hazard lights active at the time. A pick-up truck came down the road and ran into the backend of the semi, jamming the truck under the rear of the semi.

The situation

The truck was using all precautions to warn drivers it was not moving. Law enforcement does not expect any charges against the semi driver because he was not doing anything illegal or dangerous. He was on an access road well within his legal rights to stop to unload.

The driver of the pick-up truck, who died at the scene, was ultimately found to be the at-fault party. Due to rescuers noticing the driver’s cell phone was still playing a video as they were trying to save him on the scene of the accident, the conclusion is that he was watching a video, which distracted him and prevented him from noticing the parked semi.

The accident leaves a family to mourn the lost life of a loved one, which is a terrible situation, but it did not have to happen this way. Drivers should see this as a sign that distracted driving is never okay and can take your life in an instant.

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