The basics of wrongful death

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When a loved one dies unexpectedly, your family may wonder how to cope. An unexpected death may become worse if you realize your family member’s death was preventable. If negligence played a role in your loved one’s death, this may be a case of wrongful death.

Wrongful death refers to any death caused by another person’s negligence. FindLaw says motor vehicle collisions or workplace accidents might result in wrongful death. Your loved one’s death may also be wrongful if he or she died while participating in a supervised activity, such as a training exercise for work.

How to identify wrongful death

Many people may view an unexpected death as an accident. However, wrongful death is usually not just an accident. Another person’s negligence can take several different forms. A driver may be negligent if he or she was texting or driving recklessly before colliding with your loved one’s car. Your relative’s employers may have been negligent if they knew some work situations could be hazardous but did not implement safety measures.

How to handle the situation

You may feel like there is nothing you can do after your loved one’s death. However, sometimes it may be beneficial for you to file a wrongful death claim. The loss of your family member may mean a loss of income or a loss of support to your children. Although financial compensation may not make up for the loss of your loved one, it may help your family as you pay for a funeral and adjust to life without your loved one. You can find more information about this subject on our webpage.

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