Texas still struggles with drunk drivers

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As the holiday season continues, many people look for opportunities to celebrate this time of year. Unfortunately, many others must face losses and remember their loved ones who died at the hands of drunk drivers. 

For example, a woman remembers her daughter and son-in-law who she lost after a drunk driver plowed into them while they walked across a street on their way to a sporting event five years ago. Spectrum Local News indicates both drugs and alcohol contributed to the crash. 

Recent story shows the ongoing dangers

In the five years since the couple died, more people keep losing loved ones due to the selfish actions of impaired drivers. CBS Local reported on the death this Thanksgiving morning of a woman, aged 33 years old, who rode as a passenger in a vehicle driven by a drunk woman. 

December heralded as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

In an effort to further raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving, CBS19 indicates December’s new status as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. In December of 2019, Texas lost 85 lives in drunk driving accidents. Throughout the entire year of 2019, a total of 886 people perished in alcohol-related accidents across the state. 

Nationally, an estimated 30 people die in drunk driving collisions each day, with one death happening every 50 minutes. 

A tragic trend on Texas roads

According to records from the Texas Department of Transportation, at least one person died in a vehicle crash somewhere in Texas every single day since November 7, 2000. On average, the state records 10 vehicular fatalities every day. 

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