How do TBIs affect your personality?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2021 | Personal Injury

After getting into a serious accident, a brain injury is not uncommon. These injuries manifest in different ways and can impact the victim to varying degrees, too. Some manifestations are physical, and others are not.

The behavioral and mental effects of a TBI are often hard for victims to predict or live with. This is especially true when these effects can alter their personality.

Decreased inhibitions

According to Mayo Clinic, damage from TBIs can manifest in many different ways. Mental and behavioral changes are among them. In some cases, these changes are strong enough to alter a victim’s personality to a degree.

For example, depending on the injured area, a person’s inhibitions may suffer. This can make them behave in a more rash and impulsive way, leading to immature or confusing decisions that seem out of character. It can also lead to the victim displaying unusual behavior toward those they contact, as they do not have fine control over their emotions.

Increased volatility of emotions

Speaking of emotions, it is often harder for victims to control theirs. In particular, it is common to struggle with an uncontrollable temper. Victims often lash out at loved ones without meaning to and behave in a snappish manner. They may say or do things they regret in the long term, too.

Finally, victims can seem more “sensitive” or even prone to outbursts and breakdowns. It is easier to get overwhelmed and they cannot cope with an abundance of emotion as well. This leads to tantrums, anxiety attacks and more. These symptoms are hard not only for the victim, but for their loved ones, too. In this situation, understanding goes a long way.

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