How can you safely share the road with big rigs?

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Accidents involving big rigs are among the most catastrophic on the highway. If you worry about the consequences of sharing the road with truckers, there are ways to stay safe.

State Farm shares tips on how to navigate safely with truckers.

What obstacles do truckers have on the road?

Truckers do have more difficulties on the road than smaller passenger vehicles. One of the major obstacles is a truck’s field of vision. Truckers have many blind spots. They have them on both sides, behind and in front of the truck. Try to stay out of a truck’s blind spot if at all possible.

Trucks also have a long stopping timer. For example, when a truck hits 65 miles per hour, the driver needs up to 200 yards to stop. In addition to slower stopping time, it also takes a trick longer to merge into your lane.

Larger vehicles are naturally more difficult to control. They make wide turns, so you have to give plenty of room when a trucker makes a turn. The larger surface area of a truck also makes them prone to rollovers in the wind.

How can you share the road with truckers?

If you want to maneuver safely around big rigs, there are a few pieces of advice to follow. One of the best practices to follow is to remain at a safe distance from trucks. Try to stay at least four seconds behind a truck. If a truck stops suddenly, you need plenty of time to stop your vehicle. When you cannot see a truck’s mirrors, the driver cannot see you.

No matter how safe you drive, there is no excuse for a trucker to act negligently behind the wheel. An accident with a semi or big rig can result in catastrophic and fatal injuries.

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