How can crush injuries impact your future?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2021 | Injuries, Personal Injury

When you deal with a crush injury, you could face not only short-term impacts but also long-term health implications that can have a serious effect on how your life progresses. This can include everything from your overall help to the job fields you can work in.

But just how do crush injuries leave such a big impact? What sort of future should you expect after suffering from such an incident?

Crush injury to the extremities

The National Institutes of Health examine the potential impacts of crush injuries. Note that the potential impact differs greatly depending on several factors, such as the location of the crush injury and the object that caused it.

For example, crush injuries to the hands and feet make up a majority of crush injury cases. In such a case, items usually end up removed or lifted quickly, but often cause hefty traumatic damage in a matter of seconds. One of the biggest risks here is the possibility of amputation, either of entire limbs or of individual digits. Gangrene and sepsis also have the potential of setting in.

Crush injuries to the trunk

Crush injuries to the trunk – i.e. the torso, chest, etc. – often come along with a potential risk of organ failure or damage due to the cut-off blood supply. Cell death may occur, resulting in necrosis inside or outside of the body. Of course, infections like sepsis and gangrene still have a chance of occurring here, too. However, it tends to have a slimmer chance of infection than injuries to the hands or feet.

Regardless of the type, healing often takes months or even years. In cases of organ failure or amputation, you may find it impossible to work your previous job or maintain physical work at all. This can severely impede your ability to support yourself, and it is why many in your shoes seek financial compensation.

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