What is a repetitive injury?

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Aches and pains naturally develop as you age, but what about when they get worse as your workday ends? Some damage to the body may come on slowly and prove the consequence of repeated motion at work.

Overuse or repetitive motion injuries may cause pain and eventual disability if you do not get the proper diagnosis and treatment. Getting a handle on what these injuries entail and how they relate to your job may aid in you getting compensation from your employer.

What is a repetitive injury?

Repetitive injuries involve the overuse of a specific body part. Over time, the nerves, ligaments and muscles wear down and cause pain while performing the same activity. The only way to stop a repetitive injury from worsening is by resting it. Otherwise, it may progress to cause more widespread damage.

How is overuse a work injury?

If you perform the same type of movement at work for long periods, you put yourself at risk for an overuse injury. Your doctor can attribute the damage to the job function you perform. Some of the most common overuse work injuries involve the hands and arms. Carpal tunnel syndrome affects the hands and wrists and commonly affects typists, factory workers and equipment operators.

What are the steps for getting help?

Once you have a doctor’s report of your injury, you should report it to your employer. If your company does not have workers’ compensation insurance as allowed under Texas laws, you may still receive payments to cover medical care. The sooner you report the injury, the faster you will get on the path to feeling better.

The pain and discomfort from your injury need rest and treatment to heal. If you do not get the support required through your employer, you may seek help from someone who can guide you to getting it.

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