What are some safety tips for driving alongside trucks?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Personal Injury

Taking a trip is often a fun and exciting time. However, when you pass by a truck, you may begin to notice some issues that come with sharing the road with a larger vehicle.

Staying safe includes preparing for and taking steps to drive defensively while on the road.

Pay attention to following distance

According to the Montana Department of Transportation, even a few feet of distance can make a big difference when you are in a moving car. If you try to get too close to a truck on the road, a small error can leave you in danger of a crash or getting sideswiped.

Maintaining the proper following distance, especially on busy roads like highways, can help you stay safe around trucks.

Take note of common blind spots

Every truck driver needs to pay special attention to any vehicles on their right and left side, as well as directly in the back of them. Although they should take steps to check before turning or switching lanes, not all truckers do.

This means you should stay aware of how close you are to those blind spots so that any sudden lane changes do not catch you off guard and lead to an accident.

Adjust your brake usage

Although you may be able to stop quickly or slow down faster around other vehicles, making your movements obvious around larger trucks can help you both. The time it takes to come to a complete stop is a lot longer when you are operating a truck.

This means you may avoid a collision if you do not overestimate how quickly truckers can slow down while on the road. Reviewing some safety tips before getting on the road can help you.

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