The impact of distracted driving on motorist safety

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Distracted driving is a problem all across the United States and an issue that endangers the lives of Texas motorists too. Even one person’s decision to momentarily look away from the wheel can trigger a chain reaction that drastically changes the lives of many people.

When people understand the gravity of the problem, they might have more incentive to improve their driving habits.

Staggering statistics

People who multitask while driving might feel like they can reasonably tackle more than one thing at once. However, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States sees 3,000 fatalities each year related to distracted driving. Teenagers and young adults are at a higher risk of distracted driving than other groups of drivers. In fact, one study revealed that 39% of high school students who had driven in the past month admitted to sending emails or texts behind the wheel.

Studies suggest that distracted driving can have just as dangerous of consequences as impaired driving. Distractions can include manual, visual or cognitive tasks that remove a driver’s attention from the road.

Personal commitment

The State of Texas has its own safety campaigns designed to encourage drivers to use responsibility behind the wheel. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, it is against the law to text and drive in Texas. In fact, some cities ban cellphone use entirely and violation of this law can have costly legal repercussions.

People innocently injured in distracted driving accidents could face a lifetime of difficulty. The legal ramifications for perpetrators can also have a permanent impact. Avoiding the temptation to do anything else while driving is the only way for motorists to prevent the consequences of distraction.

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