Degrees of burn injury severity

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Burn injuries can create a serious issue for the health of the victim affected. These injuries can destroy healthy ranges of motion, create permanent nerve damage and chronic pain, leave psychological scars and more.

In order to determine how severe a burn injury is, it is important to know the scale by which medical professionals rate them.

First degree burns

Temple Health takes a look at burn injury severity. These burns rank from first to third degree, with first serving as the mildest form and third serving as the most severe.

First-degree burns only involve the outermost layer of the skin and do not result in blistering, though it may result in lingering redness. Most sunburns fall into this category. These burns typically heal without medical intervention and proper at-home care.

Second-degree and severe burns

Second-degree burns involve at least two layers of the skin and will usually result in blistering. This type of burn is often more painful and will take longer to heal. Victims should seek medical care. If the burn is located on the face or has a diameter of 2 to 3 inches, it is considered a serious injury and should get proper treatment.

All third-degree burns regardless of size or location are considered serious injuries. These burns extend through many layers of the body and can even reach down to the bone. Victims may not feel any pain due to the destruction of nerves in the area. The skin will often look white or charred instead of red.

Especially with these last two burns, quick and professional medical care holds the key to the best possible outcomes.

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