Can a spine injury end your career?

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Damage to the spine is not always catastrophic, but more often than not it has serious repercussions and a lengthy healing process that can last years or even a lifetime.

Knowing the extent of damage a spine injury can do is important, especially for people still in the working class.

Types of spine injury

Mayo Clinic breaks down spinal injuries. These injuries can involve the bone, the muscle around the spine, or the spinal cord itself.

Injuries to the spine can vary in severity, but many of them will have moderate to severe impacts on the victims who suffer from them. This is particularly true of damage to the spinal cord, which can affect nerves, motion control, and more.

Victims with damage to this area may experience chronic true nerve pain, or they may even end up partially or fully paralyzed. This can play a huge role in how someone handles recovery and the possibility of returning to their job after the recovery period.

This is particularly true of people who will need ongoing physical therapy in the years after an injury to the spine. Workers who struggle with mobility may not have the ability to do the same job they did before the accident.

The risk of job loss

For some people, job loss is a risk simply due to the amount of time healing takes, rather than whether or not they will always struggle to accomplish the tasks associated with their job. Many workers can hardly afford to take a week away from work, let alone the months that healing from spinal damage may require.

These issues are why victims of spinal damage may want to seek potential compensation to help financially support them through this trying period.

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