Can short distance falls do harm?

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Many people attribute serious fall injuries to falls that occur from great heights. However, even short-distance falls can do a lot of damage.

What sort of injuries can come from short-distance falls? How long is the recovery period for these injuries?

Head injuries from short falls

The CDC writes about facts involving falls of just about any height. Of course, many major injuries happen from falls of two stories or higher. However, injuries can occur even if a person has both feet on the ground and just happens to trip over something and fall from there.

One of the biggest risks of a short-distance fall is that of a head injury. Of course, hitting the ground at any height is a problem if a person hits it head-first. The impact can potentially cause swelling and bleeding within the brain that can lead to serious complications.

Head injuries have a long recovery period of months or even years, with some people experiencing symptoms for the rest of their lives. These injuries can also impact everything from a person’s mental health to their memory, and even their personality. Physical health can also end up impacted.

Back injuries

The other major risk is a back injury. Muscular damage is painful and takes a while to heal. It can seriously hinder a person’s ability to do their job, which can even put them at risk of losing it.

However, this is less of a threat than damage to the spine, which can result in true nerve pain or even the loss of mobility in a victim.

Needless to say, with such potential risks possible, a fall even from a short distance could be a very big deal.

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