Should you accept a settlement for workplace harassment?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Employment Law

Workplace harassment comes in many forms, all of which can make it uncomfortable or even impossible to perform your job adequately. Being a victim of harassment can take a huge toll on your mental health, and you deserve justice and compensation for this unacceptable behavior.

When you file a workplace harassment claim, it is likely that the company will offer a monetary settlement rather than risk its reputation by making the matter public in court. However, this raises the question of whether or not you should accept this settlement.

Knowing when a settlement is the best outcome

In some cases, a company will not hesitate to offer a generous settlement or even open itself to negotiation for an even higher amount in the face of a scandalous harassment claim. This may be especially true if you perform your due diligence in collecting solid evidence of your abuser’s behavior. Keep in mind that taking the matter to court entails paying filing fees and other legal expenses, making a settlement even more appealing when a victory in a trial might not be a guarantee.

Knowing when you should go to court instead

If the opposing party denies your claim or attempts to make a lowball settlement offer, then you might feel as though your harasser will not see proper justice. In this case, it may be worth the risk to fight the battle in court. You can increase your odds of a favorable verdict by building a strong case with evidence and witness testimony from your workplace peers.

It is often the case that a settlement is in the best interest of both parties in a workplace harassment claim. If you choose to take the matter to court, however, be aware that the strength of your evidence is a determining factor.

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