How can a car accident cause internal bleeding?

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Automobile wrecks can inflict serious injuries, some of which can be fatal without timely medical treatment. In some cases, drivers and passengers suffer internal bleeding following an impact.

WebMD explains that internal bleeding usually happens because of one of two different kinds of trauma, each of which may occur when a vehicle suffers a collision.

Blunt impact

A sudden car crash can cause someone to slam against another solid surface. Typically, this kind of trauma happens at a high velocity. Bleeding occurs because the collision tears or crushes blood vessels. Common examples of impacted surfaces in an auto crash include a steering wheel, a dashboard, and sometimes a deploying airbag.

Object penetration

In some automobile wrecks, the impact forces an outside object into the body of a driver or passenger. The penetration of a piece of debris from a car can rip open one or more veins or arteries. A piece of the car could tear free and impale someone, but in some instances, small objects such as coins may cut into the body of someone riding in a car.

Signs of internal bleeding

Generally, an injury that causes internal bleeding is obvious enough that the injured person or witnesses on the scene will call for medical assistance. In the event someone does not suffer an apparently serious injury, internal bleeding may later manifest through abdominal pain, headaches, light-headedness, and possibly loss of consciousness.

It is important to receive a proper diagnosis shortly after an auto accident. While timely treatment can preserve life and health, it may also help a patient forecast medical expenses for further treatment and recovery.

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