Hand injury basics to keep in mind on the job

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It is easy to imagine workplace injuries as catastrophic collapses on a construction site or a motor vehicle accident with a company truck. However, a small injury may be as serious.

Your hands are two of your most useful tools and any injury to them may impact your career and your livelihood. Knowing what to look out for on the job may help avoid an accident. Knowing what to look for after an accident occurs may help you secure compensation.

Hand safety statistics

According to 2020 reporting, more than 100,000 workers sustained injuries to their hands. Nearly 6,000 injuries occurred in agriculture and natural resources. Manufacturing represents the largest industry with hand injuries.

Tools, machines and equipment perform industrial-grade services but also come with industrial-grade risks including:

  • Hot and cold spots such as in injection molders or refrigeration systems cause serious burns
  • Rotating equipment that can grab loose clothing or rings
  • Pinch points that move at high speed and force where getting caught might mean bruises, pinches or even amputations.

Precautions and compensation

There are many ways to reduce risk, such as safety precautions installed on machines and proper training when using tools. However, there is only so much you can do when an injury at work happens due to negligence.

In the event that you sustain an injury because of improperly followed safety protocols or otherwise, there may be evidence enough for a damages claim. Whether your employer has workers’ compensation or not, it is important to remain informed about your situation and understand your options.

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