Full recovery from a brain injury is never a guarantee

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2023 | Personal Injury

If you suffer a brain injury as the result of an accident, it can alter your life. These injuries will typically be either internal, meaning they impact the way you think or the way your brain works, or physical, meaning there was an actual injury to the physical brain.

Both types of injuries can heal, but the effects that result from them may never go away. It is most common with physical injuries to have no complete recovery because a part of the brain is missing or suffered too severe damage. Internal injuries may be more likely to heal fully.

Complications that prevent recovery

There are some known issues that often prevent full healing from a brain injury. As mentioned, if there is extreme physical damage, such as the removal of a portion of the brain, it will not be possible to prevent lasting issues.

Actions by the patient can also inhibit recovery. The medical instructions given by a doctor are for a reason. If the patient does not follow the set treatment plan, it can prevent recovery regardless of the injury.

Best possible outcome

The best possible outcome in every case can occur when doctors begin treatment early and as soon after the injury as possible. If you fully cooperate with the treatment plan and do everything the doctor says, you can increase the potential that any effects from the injury will go away.

Keep in mind that the brain is complex, and even the most skilled researchers and doctors do not know everything about it. For this reason, it is impossible for a medical provider to know for sure if you would or would not have a complete recovery.

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