What kinds of questions are inappropriate in a job interview?

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Laws prohibit potential employers from asking inappropriate questions that could result in discrimination. As a job applicant, fair treatment based on your qualifications, not your personal life or characteristics, is your right.

Furthermore, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) advises employers to steer clear of questions about race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age, disability or genetic information. Look at the types of questions employers should not ask in a Texas job interview.

Questions about personal life

Questions about your marital status, number of children or plans to start a family are inappropriate. Such questions can lead to discrimination based on family status. Questions about your lifestyle choices, hobbies or social habits have no bearing on your potential job performance and do not belong in a job interview.

Questions about race, religion or nationality

An employer should not ask about your race, religion or nationality. Questions about your birthplace, native language (unless job-relevant), religious holidays you observe or your ancestry are inappropriate as they can lead to discrimination.

Inquiries about age or physical ability

Questions seeking to determine your age, other than to establish your legal ability to perform the job, are inappropriate. Questions about your physical or mental health, disabilities or any medical leave requirements should not be a part of the job interview. The focus should be on your ability to perform specific job duties.

Questions about financial status or history

Employers should not ask about your financial status, credit score or history unless they are directly relevant to the job. Using these factors to judge your job eligibility is not appropriate.

A job interview should focus on your skills, qualifications and job performance ability. No one should ask you questions that could lead to discriminatory hiring practices. The Texas Workforce Commission provides resources and guidelines to ensure all job applicants receive fair treatment, and you can challenge any questions you consider inappropriate or discriminatory.

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